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➲ Maintenance – Repair

High-level, comprehensive maintenance and repair services are provided for all waste and recyclable storage systems at our Company's proprietary facilities.

All our products due to their polyester construction (fiberglass), are repairable at almost zero cost compared to their original value. This greatly reduces maintenance costs and spare parts requirements.

➲ Spare Parts
In our warehouse we have a full range of our products, with the possibility of immediate delivery.
➲ Information

Our Company, with its many years of experience, is able to provide information and advice on the products it manufactures, giving priority to the safety of the staff and the proper execution of the collection procedures.

Therefore, our primary goal is to educate the cleaning staff correctly in order to ensure a fast and safe collection process.

➲ Collaborations

Our Company has developed collaborations and has expanded its activities by providing integrated environmental solutions in the field of decontamination of underground, semi-underground and surface waste bins.

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