Waste & recycle bins

The waste bins are made of high density polyester (FIBERGLASS) according to European standards EN13071 and have excellent resistance to sudden changes in climatic conditions as well as to chemical reactions.
    The whole system consists of the following parts:
    ♻ The main body
    The main body is particularly strengthened in high stressing areas while its surface is completely glossy, resulting in easy cleaning.
    ♻ The bottom

    The bottom of the bin has metal ribs that give it excellent resistance to any unintentional collision.

    Its opening is achieved by a heavy-duty hinge system, while at its lower point there is a hole for the discharge of liquids after cleaning.

    ♻ The lid
    Each bin, depending on the type of waste & recyclable material, has a suitable lid in which there is a hole of a suitable size and shape.
    ♻ The suspension system
    The suspension system consists of a reinforced double hook system through which the bottom is moved and opened.

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