Underground waste bins

Underground waste bins are fully compliant with the requirements of the EN 13071 series of standards and are suitable for the storage of household and commercial waste as well as recyclable materials.

The capacity of this system is approximately 3000 liters and is suitable for installation in urban areas with spatial difficulties due to the small size of the overhead part.


The underground waste bin consists of three main parts:

The main body

The main body is placed underground, while inside it house the inner waste bin and all mechanisms for the operation of the pavement platform.

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The inner waste bin

The waste bin is made of high density polyester (fiberglass) in combination with a special reinforcing material (Woven Roving).
It is fully corrosion resistant and flexible enough to withstand bending.
The polyester material makes it extremely resistant to heavy waste load both during lifting and releasing of the waste in the vehicle, while also contributing significantly to the reduction of noise.
Its bottom is completely watertight.

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Pavement platform

The pavement platform is mounted on the main body and is designed to withstand heavy loads in everyday use.
It is applied to the main body in such a way as to ensure water tightness against rainwater and to prevent the release of unpleasant odors to the environment.
The intake port which is made of stainless steel is placed on the platform.

πλατφορμα πεζοδρομιου


    The use of the polyester underground waste disposal system brings many benefits to municipalities and users.

    ⚶ - Advantages

    • Fast and safe collection process by a single person.
    • Less collection rate than conventional bins due to higher capacity.
    • Compatibility with rear-loading vehicles using a small crane mounted on the top of the garbage truck.
    • The vertical gravity compression achieved in the inner waste bin results in an increase in the amount of waste contained therein.
    • Ability to install in areas with a particularly high spatial and town planning factor (eg narrow sidewalks, etc.) due to their small overground footprint.
    • Ensure that the waste bin is protected from vandalism due to its complete installation under the surface of the earth.
    • Due to the installation of the locking system there is no accessibility to waste and to recyclable materials by humans or animals.
    • Securing of stable temperature conditions due to the complete installation of the inner waste bin under the surface of the earth, ensuring the slow growth of microbes and eliminating the problems of odors especially in the summer months.
    • Significant reduction of odors due to underground storage of the waste.
    • Prohibition of the development and transmission of undesirable microbes and bacteria due to sealing of the waste bin.
    • The increased capacity of the waste bins contributes to the reduction of the exhaust emissions of the waste trucks due to the minimization of the routes.
    • Possibility to install waste tracking equipment via telematic process.

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