Rewarding Management System “Pay as you throw”

The  “pay as you throw”  system consists of the following parts:

  • Online platform in which all operations performed by the user on the site are recorded and processed.
  • Console for the On-site weighing of different streams of the waste and identification of the citizen through the use of RFID card.
  • Suitable metal shells for housing the wheelie bins of different streams of waste.
  • Electromagnetic  lock device for securing the metal shells.
  • Foot lever or hand lever, respectively, for people with special disabilities, for opening the lid of the metal shell.
  • Possibility of  photovoltaic installation which ensure the autonomy of the system .


  • Registration on the management platform.
  • Weighing procedure of the waste and identification of the user with the RFID card.
  • Credit points according to the weight of the different stream of the waste, placed on the weighing point.
  • • By selecting the appropriate stream of the waste, the respective lid will open and the waste will deposit inside of the bin. ...intelligent web software